Cartoons a boon bane or?

Are they not bliss when our energies are running out and patience is thinner than ice.

Are they not a boon for mothers to plonk the kids in front of the idiot box at times for hours together while they run around being supermoms.

Are they not perceived to be effective to channelize the raw energies and boredom of the kid/’s

Actually, they are none of the above i.e. bliss, boon and effective…to my mind they are a waste of time…and a destructive influence on the young impressionable minds that get captivated in the mindless and thoughtless world of Cartoons.

Harsh as it may sound, I strongly believe that Cartoons do more damage than good…and I am willing to have a debate with anyone on this subject.

Have you sat down with your kids and watched some of the shows which gets beamed into the minds and thoughts of our impressionable kids…if not I strongly urge you to take some time and study the content which is being watched.

I am not saying that the content is vulgar or gross (the channels ensue that the programs carry the caveats)…the content simply doesn’t make any sense to me.

Without getting into specific shows, here is what I believe is grossly wrong with the choice of cartoons (please note that I am a cable TV subscriber and hence may not have access to all cartoon shows, neither am I implying that all cartoon are bad).

  1. Extremely violent – All shows which I have watched with my son invariably have elements of violence or are completely violent. I know the themes are meant to teach good versus evil…but hey they have enough time to figure this one out.
  2. Outright ugly and disgusting creatures or characters – we adults may find them silly or funny but what about the 4 year olds who may get scared out of their minds?
  3. Correlation with our culture, language, environment and society particularly those which have been dubbed from the Eastern countries.
  4. Story themes which are so absurd at times that not only is it harrowing to watch them but even tougher to answer the questions which pop up in relation to them.

So in summation should cartoons of a particular type be allowed only after a certain age…if so when?


Papa Blogger?

I only wish I had the time to do a lot more with and for my son, but tongue in cheek, I believe I am still a far more involved and evolved father than what I have seen around me.

Am I competing with the mother or drawing parallels ….NO…not even in my wildest dreams!

Mothers are truly God’s gift and “motherhood” is possibly the toughest job in the world. Mothers all over the world, take a bow.

While moms have various other acronyms associated with them…helicopter mom, friendly mom, engaging mother…to name a few. There are hardly any which are popular or mainstream for the fathers.

I wonder why?

Yes, mothers do play a pivotal role in raising the children but I think us fathers also have a significant role to play in the upbringing of the children – and it has to be a conscious choice we make – earning the daily bread and being the weekend dads does take the Mickey out of most of us! But this is something a lot of mothers do as well, and yet play a more involved role in upbringing (in majority of cases).

Well I believe that I am well on my way to becoming a “handz-on-dad”. It is something that I enjoy doing and it seems to come naturally to me. So my fellow parents…this blog is by no means an attempt to take over the role of the “Supermoms”…neither is it a demonstration of my hovering over my son (which doesn’t happen too much anyway L)

This blog is an attempt to share my little experiences, joys, traumas, escapades, and stories in raising my “best friend”…that is what my son calls me now…not sure if this would hold true when he becomes a teenager…J

I am not a psychologist so I will not give gyaan…I am not going to bore you with hourly updates and trivia’s…I hope to share real experiences which could lead to shared learning’s, pose my problems and concerns …and have generic discussions which I believe can be extremely useful not only to me but go beyond my immediate circle of friends and family… that is, only if you participate!

This attempt is only to create a forum of shared learnings, experiences and stories which I hope would add to the fun of raising our young ones…

Happy Parenting