Hitting children?

If only my kid would…sigh!!!

Reads familiar doesn’t it…a thought which possible comes and goes at least a couple of times in a day…:)

Isn’t this particularly true for situations when he or she are being obtuse or at the heights of their shenanigans

So what does one do to control the child …gradual increase in the sternness of the voice…threats…ultimatums…bribe…and or finally a couple of whacks across the bottom anatomy of the child.

The last extreme measure of hitting…I think is the worst thing we can do to our kids.

I am sure that there will be many out there with divergent views but I strongly think that this harsh measure should be banned. A little extreme as it may sound but some developed countries have laws to similar effect.

The larger question to debate on is the “why” do we reach a point where the only resort which comes to our aid is a “whack”…and that too at times on the face or on the head.

Do we take a step back and look at what this would eventually do…

It could only go in two directions…frequent use of this methodology is only going to make the kid more obstinate because he or she has gotten habituated with the frequent shouting and hitting and the other possible impact is that we shatter his innocence and create an environment of fear and trauma which only goes to impact the character, confidence and personality of the child.

Can we get away or use this approach in our professional, social or grown up family circle…my guess is no…so why do we resort to such extreme steps with our kids who you know cant retaliate…at least not at this age…

I know patience is a virtue which comes in varying degrees and raising kids will always test our patience…but by hitting…are we using our kids as our punching bags to vent our own frustrations…


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