My childhood memories of growing up are vivid to the “t” in terms of how we spent our day: initial years at school, some homework and studies. Evenings went in playing in the colony park with a bunch of other kids some evening TV and the day was over. Weekends was DD churning out Vikram aur Betal, He-Man and Ramayan. Summer holidays were usually spent taking up some vocational training like guitar, typing, music or swimming,


Kids today have a plethora of activities to choose from. Kids as young as three are being sent for extra- curricular activities during the school week itself…(yes I know this is a question of opportunities and the ability to provide for such opportunities and the rub off effect of the super-competitive environment around us)


Not to be left behind I too have enrolled my son in three such activities thereby making 5 out of the 5 weekdays super packed for him…one of my friends has got three extra-curricular activities going on in the week…some of the six year olds possibly have as busy a schedule as the corporate world…so this phenomena is here is to stay for sure. Gated living has made access to multiple possibilities easier with the facilities now walking up to our doorstep. Increase in disposable income has only made making the choices easier.


The rational side of me says this is a better and productive use of the time the kids have…but there is another point of view which forces me to think of the why:

Is it our competitiveness which we are leveraging through our kids…are we pushing them from such an early age to go out there and do more and more…will this really prepare them for a super competitive tomorrow…or is it our convenience which see’s them out of our hair for some time.


Are we pressurizing our kids…or is this the generation of the super kid?


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