Critical role of Grandparents

Critical role of Grandparents


Dwindling joint families, people migrating to other cities/countries for economic reasons only means that our kids get limited and seasonal access to their grandparents- living in the same city helps as that increases the possibility of catching up with the grandparents more often than staying abroad or in far away cities. No such problem for me as I am fortunate enough to stay in a joint family.


What that does to me is that it gives both me and my wife the opportunity to pursue our careers as thankfully my folks are willing to look after my son, catch an occasional movie or dinner, attend some must social do’s and be weekend parents.


Leaving aside the most obvious and selfish reasons outlined above, I think being with my parents is a huge value add for my son. Let me enumerate some examples…


Helps keep the family traditions alive,  basic values of respecting the elders, historical stories which we may have forgotten, trivia’s from our growing up years, value added engagement, increased confidence, more knowledgeable, enhanced conversations, more engagement (do we have the energy to do much post returning from work let alone finish the chores of the evening)


Of course all of this comes with a price, not a monetary one but the fact that kids do tend to get super spoilt by them-but here saluting the grandparents-take a bow



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