How to get kids to try new things?

Many kids are change resistant. If there is anyone in the www who has an answer to this humungous issue please share. It is a challenge which confronts us across all age groups and in some cases goes into adulthood as well J

Though usually after a certain age it always boils down to the freedom of choice and hence a closed chapter for most of us.

But for growing up adolescent children how do we imbibe the spirit of adventure and a willingness to try new things, be it food, reading, new sports, board games or making new friends.

Walking the talk and setting example works very effectively to a large extend…seeing me experiment with new cuisines usually results in my son trying them as well…this approach may not work across activities and will usually get stone walled for some attempts say reading books in my case.

Pundits would say that learning begins very early in life, in fact, in the womb. But practically, there is only that much one can do, isn’t it.

We faced the biggest challenge when my son started school. Most schools today have cafeterias that offer breakfast and lunch and so does my son’s.

However my wife’s victory dance on learning that there would be no more lunch boxes to pack was very short indeed as most of the items on the menu were those he refused eat L

So the routine which got set was that each month’s menu would be printed and post discussing the likes and dislikes the breakfast and lunch box was accordingly prepared on days when the menu was not to my son’s liking.

Year two was a lot better. I guess seeing his peers eat in school had a rub off effect. This year the number of instances of sending tiffin has drastically reduced but not without its challenges. He now prefers eating rice in school (as opposed to Indian bread)  I guess it is easier for him to manage. In the interim we’ll keep trying to encourage him to try new things!  Guess so J


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