Potential of a crisis in school

Well it is not a panic situation yet but definitely has the making of a possible crisis.

 Third year into primary school and I find an marked increase in the frequency and kind of pranks which go on in school class I and limited to boys in my case.

 It started with one kid in class holding my sons neck from behind and kicking him in the back with his knee. Reminiscent of wrestling or cartoons? Thankfully this incident did not do serious damage but it did warrant a note and a call to the class teacher, the custodian and guardian of our inexperienced, dependent and vulnerable little ones in school.

 Well a follow up discussion during the parents teachers meeting was met with a little bit of reluctance and by the way approach where- in we were told that these things happen.  I agree that they will happen as the kids grow up nevertheless we were appraised off a new mechanism which was being tried out in class to curb such incidents.

Two weeks later a destroyed water bottle, followed by a broken school bag and an attempt to break the pencil box in two only set the alarm bells ringing.

 Don’t get me wrong I want my son to be tough but I am just amazed at the number of incidents which keep happening in school and that too with an increasing frequency.

 While I have counseled my little one what I am getting concerned about is the obvious inability of the class teacher in reigning in the young ones possibly because of lack of experience or maybe an approach that boys will be boys and this is part of growing up.

 So while I do take up the matter with the class teacher once again the bigger question is what does one do in such situations how many incidents become a trend meriting an escalation or before serious damage is done. Will escalating the issue lead to consequences for both the teacher and my son maybe not immediately but eventually?


2 thoughts on “Potential of a crisis in school

  1. Good blog, Rohit! The angst and confusion of a dad bringing up kids is well captured 🙂 Just goes to prove that some parents actually encourage such aggressive behavior of kids…probably their interpretation of “survival of the fittest”.

  2. Agree with u Sir…it is indeed the negligence of teachers to seriously address such issues. My son is in 3rd & I have been facing similar challenges since last year. The teachers do inform us about such incidents but at the same time they advise us that its a part of growing up. Also, their conversations makes it evident that they have an old school mindset about boys being aggressive, stubborn at this age. Not only does this prejudice show the school staffs’ insensitiveness to such issues, they also fail to counsel the child effectively. Inspite of all odds about the issue I feel that as parents none should avoid such incidents. We must counsel the child, educate him about the consequences (injury, damage) that can be caused and raise this in the school as well. Discussing this with the teachers is equally important to bring change in their attitude as well. I am sure rejecting the issue will not help but voicing it will definitely bring positive change. It may be slow but definite.

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