Changing trends in family vacations

When was the last time you got together as one large extended family for a vacation? Leaving family occasions such as birthdays and marriages, we haven’t really gone for a holiday as one large extended family.

In my own experience the last couple of years have either been holidays with just the immediate family or like minded friends.

My childhood was very different – I’ve spent many a memorable holiday with a bunch of cousins either at an aunt’s place or the erstwhile family home. Those vacations were fun. We would play pranks on each other, go out for outings, movies, cards, carom board, UNO. You name it and we would have done something or the other – not sure what the aunt felt about all of us running amok at her house.

These holidays were great for all of us as they gave us an opportunity to come together as a family, get to know each other that much better, create long lasting relationships and bonds. Another highlight was the length of these vacations always very long but time when you are having fun always slips away faster.

A long holiday in today’s day and age is a luxury which is practically non-existing irrespective of whether you are self-employed, business or service. But that is not the point – I am being nostalgic about what the vacations meant back then and how different they have come to be. The agenda for today’s generation is ‘exotic destination’ or something different experience. This is also possible on account of travel and holidays becoming affordable. But talk about spending 2-3 weeks in a relative’s house for a holiday and both your own and their families would want to have you certified!


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