Can we control the bad genes?

It is a no brainer – we all pass on some of our genes to our offspring. I am not technically qualified to quantify the above statement with more facts and figures but we all know this universal truth.

The question I want to pose before you all is how to control the bad genes if at all there is such a thing as “controlling genes”

Eyesight, receding hair lines, weight or tendency to gain weight, sugar, hypertension, etc. are some of the genes related concerns which may impact with age.

Eye sight and weight is something which can kick in pretty early in the kids’ life.

So while being aware about family history of ailments is important so as to ensure one keeps a look out for these issues. Other than that is there anything that one can do?



3 thoughts on “Can we control the bad genes?

  1. Thanks good article.. can you also elaborate on allergies if they can be passed on from generation to generations or can it skip one generation etc. .

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