How not to spoil your kids

I think all of us, be it adults or children love to be spoilt, not just by material possessions but by the whole package  – physical, emotional and a psychological.

With children it is even that much more difficult not to spoil them and living in a joint family only makes it that much more difficult.

Word ‘ spoilt’ in relation to children according to me can mean a number of things. Besides physical possessions of toys and games, etc it also relates to:

  • Behavior
  • Manners
  • Respect for the elders
  • Neatness and care of possessions

And most importantly do they listen to you

A lot of what I have listed above actually begins and ends with us and that too has to be imbibed in the young impressionable minds at a very young age. The kids pick up the cues very  quickly and therefore what they see is what they learn.

So if we are scattering our things don’t be surprised to see them follow suit. If we don’t demonstrate a discipline of conducting ourselves, setting boundaries of expectations why do we expect our kids to behave like robots under our command.

So if we expect them to be well mannered, behaved and listening kids then the onus really lies on us.

This is truly a case of walking the talk.


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