Child prodigy

A lot of us would have heard and seen the picture of a young Sachin Tendulkar holding a cricket bat. What has transpired since then has created history in the cricketing world.

Steffi Graf was given a sawn off tennis racket with which she began hitting tennis balls against the garage wall at the age of four. She went on to win many a grand slam.

The list of sporting and other child prodigies is endless.Today, with the kind of exposure and opportunities available the list is getting longer and is not necessary limited to sports or a few fields. 

What is pertinent here to discuss is how to spot or recognize talent at a relatively young age and then how do we channelize and groom that talent.

Frankly I don’t know.

Well genes from both sides of the family will definitely give a foundation to begin from. What is more important as parents is to ensure a well- balanced and good upbringing which allows the child to do the best in his or her own chosen field and leave the rest to destiny or create his or her own?

Sounds melodramatic ? Maybe!

To me ensuring a balanced platform of academics, sports and extracurricular activities without any pressure or expectations will only provide my son new learning’s, a chance to hone his skills, become more confident and a well-rounded individual.

Will he go on to become a master of a particular skill only time will tell.


2 thoughts on “Child prodigy

  1. Most child prodigies, once recognised, were given extreme training, often to the verge of tyranny by coaches and parents. It also meant extreme focus and dedication on the part of the individual. Sachin, Steffi, Tiger and all the other athletes/other prodigies became that through an intensive training process, often at the expense of their childhood. Well rounded individuals, often are not traits of prodigies. Being excellent at what you do is not about freedom and desire, it is about pain, time, focus, intensity and passion……Often, winning may or may not follow…..

  2. Interesting thoughts…I have come across many child prodigies who hail from under privileged backgrounds. Neither their parents or relatives could boast of superior education or other geniuses in the family. However, only a handful of them grew up to be successful adults…adding to the mystery of what makes a child prodigy one…

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