A bad parent teacher meeting (PTM)

Well if your child has a perfect handwriting and is superb at what she or he does at school then don’t read further.

This is for those parents who believe that there is a balance between academics and life. That there is more for every kid who goes to school than to max every dictation he or she takes in class.

I firmly believe in the above and not because my son is still learning to master the cursive hand or the fact that one of his teachers felt that he is laid back in class…why because he proactively doesn’t answer questions in class.

Ho hum I wondered..felt extremely angry on hearing that…but then I took a step back and wondered…why does he need to be the first one to raise his hand or be the one to answer every question that comes up in class…is he not competitive enough…should he answer every question or should he know the answer…

Do I want to hear in the next PTM that my son is aggressive and super competitive…at six years maybe no.

I am not interested in hearing either of the two statements, I am more keen for my son to enjoy school, to learn as much as possible and to become a good human being and an all round player.

He has and will get enough opportunities to prove his mettle.

I know some of may not agree with my outlook and counter my point of view by saying that in a dog eat dog world it is important and essential to imbibe competitive qualities at a younger age. I really wonder why?


3 thoughts on “A bad parent teacher meeting (PTM)

  1. I guess its the way the teacher puts the perspective that if the kid does not improve then he or she may not be able to keep up with the pace of teaching. I have observed with my daughter that she gets similar feedback before summer vacations and then in the next PTM things are fine. Sometimes all we need to do is just listen to teacher without doing any blame game. Let the teacher feel we are concerned and then she will take an extra step to ensure that the kids learning is complete.
    Nice blog so keep your thoughts pouring.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, Rohit! It’s really a pity that parents push their young children into this completely unwanted rat race, which stunts the growth of the child. Yes, we should encourage our children to be quietly assertive – not aggressive, and teach them that healthy competition is always good. Only when we instill in them the values that life is all about being in “win-win” situations, will we succeed as responsible and caring parents…

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