Competition between kids or parents

Well competition is part and parcel of our lives.  Whether we choose to compete or not acknowledge it at a sub-conscious level or not we have and will always have competition.

So when do we start teaching our young kids about “competition”

I’ll dwell a little more on that in another post, but right now I think what I see is more of a competition between the mothers and in some cases the fathers as well around “my kid is better than yours ”

So you go to school PTM you see mothers sheepishly checking other kids notebooks to make comparisons. Projects on display are also looked at with a lot of interest with mental notes being taken and a sizing up of the competition is done clandestinely

This trend only continues to worsen around extracurricular activities, summer camps, etc.

You will probably ask how but if you are a parent haven’t you asked what all your neighbors kids of the same age group are doing and compared with what you have lined up for your kid.

Everyone may not look at this with a competitive microscope but I would guess majority of the parents do so.


2 thoughts on “Competition between kids or parents

  1. I think it starts with the parents comparing themselves to peers/friends/cousins etc. Therefore, it passed on to kids too. If we stop doing it for ourselves – it will be the start required

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