Honesty required or not?

On a recent weekend trip to a friend’s house threw up an interesting situation. While the men were busy enjoying their drinks and the mums busy catching up, the kids decided to play kitchen-kitchen or something to that effect.

While role playing it was decided that the kids also must serve make believe drinks. My son became the bar tender and poured out a few whiskies for his assistant to serve. (He knows that I have an occasional drink over the weekend and has asked me what I was drinking. I have also explained to him that alcohol is a drink for adults)

So when his assistant offered her dad whisky she was reprimanded for using a bad word ”whisky is a bad word and you should never use it”. Wont she wonder if it is a bad word then why are you drinking it dad?

Why, I wondered, was the need to confuse them? Is it a fear that awareness will lead them to start drinking at an early age? They see us tippling at parties, family get together or at home, occasionally. 

On the flip side by lying to them are we raising their level of intrigue and sending them confused signals. Ever heard of the ‘forbidden fruit’?

Yes I agree that they don’t need to know everything and discretion is required in a number of situations but for something like “whisky”  or a drink I wonder?


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