How much junk food is good?

A die hard health conscious, disciplinarian will in all probability say that NO junk food is good.

But is that a practical approach?

With mouthwatering temptations being communicated by brands through various channels or mediums only means that the levels of temptations will be high and at times difficult for the parents as well not to succumb to these temptations.

The key I guess is to define and limit the number of such occasions wherein you give the child and yourself a break from the routine and indulge.

Celebrations, holidays, occasions and social do’s and gatherings are likely to see an increase in the consumption of junk food. However an overall balanced routine of exercise, healthy balanced food should do the trick. A qualified nutritionist or dietitian will be better placed to give a qualified and professional viewpoint but the fact is that junk food is part and parcel of our lives, how much and how often is the questions we need to answer.


Quarreling in front of the kids

Happy, secure, friendly, and carefree environment is a must for the kids to grow up in.

However, the peace can be shattered occasionally on account of an argument with the better half, siblings, parents or sometimes even road age.

What the above does is obvious, it creates confusion, insecurity and a possible fear on the child depending upon the intensity, frequency and regularity of such incidents.

Easier said than done, it’s best to avoid angst while on the road and more importantly remain calm in front of the kids. Take a breather, inhale and if you must have a pow-wow go to a different room rather than fight or argue in raised voices in front of the kids.