Reverse Parenting

Man is the father of the child but today’s kids can at times dawn the parenting role.

Surprise surprise but yes.

Advent of technology has led to proliferation and access to information beyond traditional books.

Kid’s today are much more informed and aware compared to our decade. The five almost must screens of life, i.e. smart phone, tablet, computer/laptop, television and movies screen has only contributed to the generation being more aware.

An example of this I saw when my friend became a vegan on his son’s insistence. Why because his son at a young age of 6 formed an opinion that being vegan is healthier. (Not discussing the merit or demerit of his choice here).

My son encourages and pushes his grandfather to go for a walk as he recognizes that walking is healthy and a must. I have been told by my friends who smoke of having being told off by their kids and how eventually it has helped them kick the butt.

This trend of reverse parenting or influencing is only going to continue and will be for the better I hope.


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