Is technology making our kids anti-social?

A not-so-recent, out-of-town holiday with a bunch of friends and kids across age groups threw up an interesting observation.

Familiarity with each other on account of prior frequent meetings, gender and age saw various sub-groups being created amongst the kids. The common unifying factor which brought all of them together was the tablet. Post completing their dinner at a restaurant, the kids, thankfully, focused on competing with each other on games on the tablet as opposed to running around and creating a general nuisance for the parents and other patrons.

Another instance of an office get-together, which only had two kids as part of the party, saw both of them busy on their respective screens.

What would have been interesting to see in the above situations is how would they have entertained themselves in the absence of tablets or any other smart device. Considering that technology is very much part and parcel of our lives now, the larger question here is whether the tablet is better or worse than the dumb charades, name-place-animal-thing, singing, or any other mental or pocket game, or games we would cook up to keep ourselves entertained, which were a part of our growing up years.

I guess technology is here to stay and such devices will only increasingly prevail—but will that be at the cost of making our kids anti-social?


2 thoughts on “Is technology making our kids anti-social?

  1. Hi yes it’s true and noticed this as well. It appears kids today are spending more time in front of TV and it gadgets rather than playing outside or playing board games or interacting with parents or friends

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