Changing attitude of parents

Recently my son came back from school and said that his classmate had chicken pox and yet he attended school.

My wife and I were shocked!

As an immediate action point we called the teacher and asked her how she could allow the student to attend class as the entire class and school was at risk of an epidemic. She, thankfully, had already called the parents of the child and told them not to send the child to school till complete recovery was achieved.

Ideally, the teacher on recognizing the symptoms should have sent the child back home but the bigger question here is that what could have prompted the parents to be irresponsible and send their child to school knowing fully well that he has not recovered. Poor kid, attending school instead of resting and recovering. I wondered whether they had even bothered to consult their Doctor before taking this decision and putting other kids at risk.

I did discuss this with my son’s pediatrician who said people today think only of “their convenience” but to me it demonstrated complete callousness and irresponsibility on their part by risking all the other kids in class, bus, cafeteria and at school.

I don’t know whether both the parents are working or what their compulsion was in taking this reckless step.

Are parents today so caught up in the rigmarole of ones lives that they cannot pause and think once for the health of their offspring or the society around them? Is this casualness only going to increase in the coming years?


3 thoughts on “Changing attitude of parents

  1. Good post, Rohit! I have personally noticed that in today’s frenetic pace of life, parents are always looking at ways of getting their children out of their hair. So, even if their child is ill, they would much rather send them to school/play home or get others to baby sit them, while they get on with their daily lives…so sad! Need to sensitize parents that children depend upon us adults to take care of them with love, affection and understanding. It’s our duty!

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