Toddlers and Technology

Technology for the better or the worse is a reality which is impacting us across all realms of life. The sooner we embrace this fact and try and imbibe, if not all but some facets, our lives will be easier, or so I hope.

What impact technology has in the bringing up of our kids and at what age should we introduce our toddlers to technology? These questions were addressed at an extremely interactive session organized by Intel called Toddlers and Technology.

What was heartening to hear from the technology leader Intel was its commitment towards pioneering technology. What was even more heartening was the inclusion of an educationist as part of the session to reaffirm the need of modern education to embrace some tenants of technology while continuing with the best practices of traditional teaching.

I too endorse this view of a balance between technology and traditional methods of bringing up our children. Turning the pages of a book or pounding on pegs cannot be substituted by a Kindle or an App on the Tab. In summation a healthy mix of old and new school is the way ahead for our toddlers to grow into informed and well educated individuals. The choice to arrive at that healthy balance between the two lies with us, the parents. There is no easy way!

Some tips shared by Intel@toddlers& technology session :

1.     Assign time for technology play

2.     Introduce your child to a variety of free educational apps to help your child polish their various skills

3.     Cognitive Stimulation: Reading, singing and doing various practical activities with you can be a really good exercise for your child

4.     Everything in Moderation: Making these activities limited

5.     Learn with your child: It only stands for your good if you get to know what your child learns

6.     Set rules and boundaries with the help of parental controls on the device that your child interacts with

7.     TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More: The parent must always accompany their child while learning on an educational device

8.     Fine tune their Motor Skills: Make them type words, let them interact with the touch display, These help your child in sharp eye-hand co-ordination

9.     Teach cause and effect: Toddlers have an affection of manipulating stuff to make it look better or different. Introduce them to input and output activities based for toddlers

10.  Hide it: When Play time is over make sure it is a safe distance away from your little ones


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