Summer camps and extra-curricular activities

Yes, it is very essential to channelize your kids’ time and productivity. Give them exposures, learning’s 
and most importantly help spend time during vacations and holidays away from home.  

This also helps give us parents some breathing space and time to catch up with our chores and other tasks.
The question I have is so much action at a young age – can it lead to fatigue and boredom beyond a 

Yes, I know the logic of the exposure and the opportunities we are able to provide in today’s competitive 
environment, but will we be over doing it?

My son, too, has a packed week and weekend because of school, homework, studies and multiple 
classes. Lately, I have heard him complain that he gets only two off days in a week – even though he has 
chosen his hobbies himself.

While I have taken a step back and stopped one particular class for the time being, but am I 
inadvertently causing fatigue, being competitive and giving him opportunities which I may have desired 
to pursue?


3 thoughts on “Summer camps and extra-curricular activities

  1. Yes, I see parents around me who have put their children into multiple activities (read 4-6) at the same time ! Chess, Ballet, Swimming, Tennis, Classical Vocal, Reading, Creative writing – the list is endless !! Their logic is that each of them is only once a week. I have seen these kids ending up with behavioural problems and like u said, not enjoying anything. I personally feel one sport and one non sport activity is the MAX that the child can fruitfully learn at the same time.

  2. It is interesting as to how much activity is good for our children? Two things may be kept in mind, one is that the child is enjoying the activity and the second is that he/she has time to do his/her own things or even do nothing, just be by him/herself!

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