Home study for kids versus regular school

A concept that is catching on fast, wherein one or both the parents are taking the ownership of imparting education to the child at home. Will this ever become a serious threat to institutions such as pre-school, schools or a preferred mode of imparting education to kids

I doubt it!

I am not from the field of education so would not know the science and logic behind this methodology.

I however strongly believe in the need to expose our children to the numerous learnings which are imparted when they begin their journey in play school besides academics.

How home study can match up to non-academic experiences such as socializing, team work, understanding the concepts of a larger society than just immediate family, discipline, routine, etc? What about numerous new experiences such as the school bus, cafeteria, school outings the list could be endless.

I am not sure of the advantages this methodology brings to the kids?


2 thoughts on “Home study for kids versus regular school

  1. I am totally with you on this! Formal Education does teach the child to use it’s Intellect and also develops its memory. It also helps the child make a living in the future. So, learning at home should be on other areas uncovered by formal education like living the life fully, understanding and discovering his/her own self, social activities, developing hobbies and outdoor activities, etc.

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