When mother is travelling

When mother is travelling :: It could mean chaos for the fathers.

Recently my wife had to travel for work, which meant that I had full responsibility for managing my son‘s schedule. I was gung-ho about the opportunity as it would give me more avenues to bond with him.

So first day, fully charged, I set the alarm for an hour before I needed to wake him up to ensure all the preliminary preparation of ironing uniform, preparing tiffin, breakfast, etc. were done well in time.

Feeling euphoric, I then went on to wake my son, which I realized was a much more difficult task than I had imagined. Nevertheless, being innovative I chose to play some music which finally roused him from his stupor. A quick bath and breakfast, and we were on the bus stand on time. Yeah! Proudly I reached home to realize that I had not given him the water bottle. Boom! I had earned my black mark for the week.

Second day, I armed myself with a checklist to ensure that we don’t miss out on anything and continually crosschecked things mentally. Feeling confident that I had taped things up properly, we left for the bus stop, only to find that we were late and we had missed the bus. Embarking on a mad chase, we finally caught the bus near school.

The third day was not any better from the previous two, this time round we barely managed to reach the school before the gates shut. In short, the week for me was quite a disaster!

So while I cherished my new role, albeit temporary, I was anxiously waiting to hand the baton back to my wife. Truly it does take a lot to manage mornings, besides the multiple other things the mothers do for the kids. Mothers take a bow!