Loosing and kids

It is a hyper competitive world and kids too, sooner or later, get exposed to the concept of winning and losing. The act actually starts very early, usually at home, through board games and other games we play as a family  and of course there is always sibling rivalry.

While as parents, at times we let the child wins by design, but outside the comfort of the home this is not a reality. Kids as young as 3 years want to win even though they may not understand the true significance of winning a 50 meters race. The excitement and reactions the win generates in the parents and other family members only seeds the thought that winning is the route to recognition and at time rewards.

Every engagement which has a result has to be conquered by winning is the mindset with which it is approached.

Having tasted early success they, at times, cannot cope with the occasional loss. Not winning at times leads to tantrums where wining is actually claimed as a right!.

So while inculcating the need for winning, it is equally important to ensure that the child is sensitized that each and every game cannot result in a victory. Everybody cannot be a winner and that there are second and third place finishes as well. Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin and a part of life. Both have to be embraced through ones journey in life.