Minimalistic Parenting

Minimalistic parenting is contingent to the age of the child. As the child grows, the spaces in which parental involvement is required change i.e. older the child higher is minimalistic parenting. The route with older children is around  discussions and making the right choices.

However, that said, today younger kids too are being brought up in a highly democratic environment as opposed to the earlier generations. More and more parents today involve or let the child lead the decision with regards to home spaces like their rooms, their extracurricular schedules and the choice of activities they want to pick up, what kind of a party they want to plan and the friends they want to call. They also influence to some extend the choice of family vehicles , consumer durables and mobile phones to be bought.

This empowerment only helps in the child being more confident, feeling involved and participate in decision making. The mantra is no longer my way (parents) or the highway.

Minimalist parenting does come with caveats though, as too much freedom can soon extend to more serious decision making without parents consent and involvement. This change would then result in conflicts – reigning in the child does have merit, especially when it comes to areas where age and wisdom matter more than freedom of choice.


2 thoughts on “Minimalistic Parenting

  1. A very good word you are using to describe the ideal way of parenting! Yes, every child needs space from
    and empowerment by the parents to take more and more decisions as they grow older. We parents have to stand by and allow our child to make mistakes, which actually makes the child stronger psychologically. This also allows the child to take the necessary risks to live a good life! Keep up the good work you are doing for the benefit of the adorable young ones!
    Gul Malani co-author of

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