Over protecting the child

We are naturally inclined to be protective towards our children.  The question, however is, when to make the distinction of being over protective and when to let them be – so as to expose them to different situations and toughen up our young.

The society we live in today and the environment around us is not necessarily the best – yes, times have changed and for certain concerns, like health and security, parents need to be over protective.

Another trend of current times is that from DINKS (Double Income No Kids) there are a growing number of DISKS (Double Income Single Kids). Therefore, a tendency for parents to be over protective would be higher, as opposed to larger families where the parents attention would be divided across two or three children.

Scaling back on being over protection is important as molly coddling one’s child will definitely impact the child’s confidence and how he or she would react to difficult situations.  Getting the right balance, between protection and letting the child be, lies with the parents. Are there any activities where parents can scale down? Its entirely up to the parents on how tough they want their children to be for example climbing a tree may be a simple task for a nimble child as opposed to a heavier child.

Thus the only caveat that may need to be kept in mind before deciding the level of protection is the probability of the child getting hurt or causing harm to others.


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