Weekend dad

Hand on heart confession-yes, I am a weekend dad.

Well, not all the times but, yes, more often than I would like. And without being melodramatic, it does eat into me once in a while – actually a lot of times. Does this mean i tend to over indulge or spoil my child- no.

So weekdays are typically long hours at work resulting in a hurried half hour or maybe an hour spent in creating some quality around the very little time that you get. This time too, mind you, has demands of eating dinner, watching some telly (optional), and generally talking about how the others’ day was and your own unwinding.

Throw in an evening engagement, then this time too is lost. As a result, weekends become that much more special and sacrosanct for me in terms of being able to spend some quality time with my son.

I do have a more than willing partner in assisting me in my household chores both internal and external. And thank god for that!

 Weekend, then for me is all about sports, indoor games, cooking together – all this has by now become a part of the splendid routine for the family.

All of this, of course, comes at a price in the form of angst from the high command once in a while but as they say life is nothing but a juggle!

 Happy juggling


2 thoughts on “Weekend dad

  1. Though not qualified to comment on parenting, but I guess I understand what you expressed above. If it’s about juggling then, my friend, you are a class act… n a terrific Pa!

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