Education channels versus Cartoons

Without a doubt I believe education channels wins hands down.

The content and knowledge presented in an interesting and absorbing manner is a treat not only for the children but for the parents as well. In fact it may just act as a refresher for the parents.

Da Vinci Learning (#client) recently held an introductory session for parents and kids where in some interesting experiments were demonstrated live. The atmosphere was abuzz with excitement as bursting volcanoes, recreating a comet, understanding polymers and playing with bubbles enthralled not just the kids, but also their parents. The simple yet effective experiments  were conducted with eager participation of the little ones. This not only ensured that they understood the science behind experience, but also created fond memories for the children and curiosity about the channel.

While there is no question of the benefits and the positive impact of such education channels like Da Vinci Learning there is a possible flip side for the parents.

From a parent’s perspective such channels may not always be the preferred choice of the child as they flip through the TV menu, as unlike cartoons, education channel viewing would require an investment of the parent’s time as well. This primarily on account of the questions which may come up while viewing the content particularly from young kids. Therefore joint viewing could be an ask depending upon the programming.

So the bliss of putting the child in front of the TV and taking some me-time or catching up on some chores will not hold true with education channels. I would also like to add that all cartoons may not be necessarily bad – yes there are the odd favorites like Mickey Mouse and the Toon Club which are also effective in imparting knowledge to the younger kids. My vote squarely goes to the education channels.



One thought on “Education channels versus Cartoons

  1. I have always wondered why aint there good educational cartoons! I had to sit through a few while baby sitting for nephews n niece and it’s depressing to see kids glued to nonsense.

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