Prescribed uniform for school or not?

Some primary schools across many countries and cultures do not have a defined uniform for the kids to wear to school. While this may be cool for the kids as they get to do a possible fashion parade every day of the week, it can be a little harrowing for the parents on account of :

• Money spent in buying the latest in clothes for the kids
• Debate each night with the child to reach an agreement on the clothes for the next day
• Ensuring the agreed upon clothes are ready for wear
• Appropriate footwear to go with the clothes
• Handling demand for brands or styles on account of peer pressure or advertising

As opposed to the above, having defined school uniforms can work wonders for the parents:
• Easy on the pocket as on can buy 2-3 pairs of the uniform to last the term as against buying
different clothes for each day of the week.
• Uniform acts as a neutralizer as all the children are wearing the same attire including shoes and
accessories, thereby ensuring that there is no difference whether actual or perceived which can come
up on account of different demographic backgrounds
• And last but not the least a little bit of planning with the uniform sets can ensure that there is
no last minute scrambling to get the clothes ready in time and no lengthy and emotional debates the night

My vote goes to the uniform any day!


One thought on “Prescribed uniform for school or not?

  1. Hi I think also it would be a safer to have kids wear school uniforms as then easy for school to manage kids wearing same uniform rather than different house clothing, specially when taking them out for a school picnic or event.

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