#DellPCLiteracyDays – Early Adoption Of PC’s Has Advantages For GenZ

PCs are an integral part of growing up today and as parents,the sooner we start exposing our children to them (tablets/laptops) the better it will auger for the young impressionable minds.
An interactive panel discussion curated by Dell established that PC is a foundation device for creation and learning for individuals in its first parenting community outreach event#DELLPC Literacy Days campaign. The technology awareness initiative had a good mix of experts from the fields of both, technology and education offering practical and subjective perspective on the matter, based on their experience.
Children of today are technology natives and the proliferation of technology across all walks of life, be it personal or professional only means that they will be better equipped and will keep pace in the rapidly changing and competitive global environment.
In developed countries, the use of PCs as an accepted part of teaching in schools is well established. In developing countries, the use of PCs and other such devices may not be that wide spread. Some of the newer schools today are exposing kindergarten children to PCs and only using the new age devices to impart knowledge and education but we are still very far from digital devices being uniformly adopted by schools across the length and breadth of the country. For that to happen, the entire eco-system needs to change in the country and a grounds-up approach is required, where governments, parents, manufacturers, and teachers all work cohesively for faster incorporation of technology and devices in education. This does not mean that text books are unlikely to be made obsolete, but instead the two are likely to work hand in hand; with PCs offering a much greater research universe and acting as information aggregators.
While school-led technology- and device- based learning is likely to be a longer process involving numerous stakeholders, home-based interactions are sure to have a more immediate result. However, the parents must ensure the exposure is age-appropriate under supervision. a device can certainly not take the place of a friend or baby sitter.
Some Do’s:
1. Set up time and schedule the use of PC’s for homework or recreation and ensure cadence is maintained.
2. For slightly older kids discuss the road map of a particular project and nudge them gently to explore the journey themselves.
3. Ensure firewalls and site blockers are in place to prevent children reaching unwarranted content / sites inadvertently
4. Some of us may be technology nomads; hence investing some time in mastering or at least being comfortable with the use of PC will be highly beneficial.
Some Don’ts
1. I believe that books are not out-dated and there are numerous joys which come with them, so don’t throw them out of the window just yet.
2. Allowing the child a game on the tablet or PC can give us parents the much desired break at times but as far as possible don’t encourage it outside the agreed time and schedule of using devices
3. There is no substitute of outdoor physical activity so don’t let that fall of the radar


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