Good handwriting – is it relevant today?

Handwriting or the art of writing may become obsolete in the coming years.

With advancement in technology and innovative products around us, the need for writing professionally is in a regressive state, but for a few professions.

Many primary schools have also adopted newer teaching methods and standards which have done away with the traditional lead pencil and note books. Tablets are the new teaching tools and as technology revolution and economic development around the world infiltrate across the levels of the education system. After education it is the professional space where, today, writing is slowly becoming obsolete. Similarly, psychographic analysis and personality traits judging based on handwriting will soon become passé.

So does one embrace the environment around us and ignore bad handwriting in the children – the argument being that it is not going to have an impact in the future?
I certainly do not think so. Call me old school but the joy of writing with a pen and paper is unparalleled to punching on the keyboard or using a stylus. And if you have a neat hand it only adds to the pleasure. In addition to that, what of the argument that by letting go of this one simple skill, you are letting go of the development of one region of the human brain that makes it superior to other in the animal kingdom?

Just as logical, analytical and problem skills are required to succeed in life, similarly, creative and communication skills are required to achieve success in life. The development of handwriting also improved the reading capability of the child as it speeds up the recognition and learning of the alphabet.

In summation, we should continue to instil the need to have neat and clear handwriting as long as possible, eventually, we will all succumb to technology.