Travelling out of town – sans kids

Taking an out of town break with the better half minus the child is a rarity. A family gathering in a different town presented this opportunity which we grabbed with both hands. Of course this would only be possible if one has the necessary support in the form of more than willing grandparents or other willing relatives who could baby sit while you were away and also, the child should feel comfortable in doing that.

So post convincing the wife that a two day break will be good and after having booked the tickets came the difficult part of breaking the news to my son. Luckily for us he accepted our decision of leaving him with his grandparents and the reasoning as to why he could not join us without much resistance or sulking. From there on constant reminder of the upcoming trip and the role we expected him to play in our absence only helped to negate and divert arguments on his not being part of the trip.

On the D- day there was a minor element of guilt in both of us but luckily for us farewells at the airport were warm and quick, though it came with a gentle reminder of the time since the last trip that he had taken and that we should plan a family trip together soon.

Crossing the chasm with the first solo trip sans child really set the platform for planning many more such trips thereafter. This primarily on account of the fun the child had minus the parents and gave the grandparents licence to over indulge their grandchild. Needless to say this also help deepen the relationship with the grandchild.

A guilt free trip without children also helps in rejuvenating the parents and gives them the much needed time with each other and an actual opportunity to really catch up and revisit pre-child days. Yes the calls back home to check if all is ok, will happen, but the break will really be worthwhile.


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