Captain J and First Officer A – Space Odyssey

At Gurugram Space Centre, Captain J along with his First Officer A are busy doing last minute checks on their space ship called SPACE 360.

They are excited and scared at the same time as they prepare for their mission to explore the solar system, which will culminate with a landing on Saturn. SPACE 360 will also cross International Space Station II, which orbits Jupiter.

All family and friends gathered at Gurugram Space Centre to see the young astronauts off and wish them luck on their daring mission.

They strapped themselves in and initiated takeoff sequences or  SPACE 360. They waved to their family as the countdown began…..3.2.1…..blast off…. Up up and away, SPACE 360 was now off on its magical journey.

Their first stop was the International Space Station – II, which they reached soon and took a spacewalk to refuel the ship. On the spacewalk, they saw a breathtaking view of Jupiter and its 31 moons. They even saw the asteroid belt that lies between Jupiter and Mars.

They were so overawed with the spacewalk that they did not realize that the oxygen levels had reduced dangerously and they had to beat a hasty retreat to International Space Station – II.

Captain J then proceeded to the next part of the mission, which was to land on Saturn. To do that he had to  first take the small space capsule down and find a landing point for SPACE 360.

He set off in the space capsule called JR 269 and entered Saturn’s orbit. He was mesmerized by the view of Saturn’s rings and the brilliant colors and light along with the numerous moons. He then proceeded to  locate the right crater for landing SPACE 360.

He relayed the good news to First Office A and set JR 269 to returned to the International Space Station – II. On the way he spotted a comet with a long tail and as he was taking pictures of the comet,  he did not realize that a rock from the comet hit the ship and set fire to JR 269 and sent it into a tailspin.

“Mayday Mayday. I am hit I am hit… you copy. Come in come First Officer A”.

First Officer A, “I copy Captain J what are your plans.”

“I am trying to get as close to the landing spot identified, you will have to come and pick me up First Officer A. Do you copy.”

“Copy Captain J. Good luck and take care”.

Captain J was plummeting towards Saturn in JR 269 and noticed the fuel pump was going to catch fire, so he pressed the red button and ejects safely from JR 269.

He floated like a butterfly with the parachute and landed on Saturn. He became unconscious on landing.

Meanwhile, First Officer A was preparing for takeoff.

First Officer A tried reaching out to Captain J on the radio and brought him back to consciousness. He was happy to hear that SPACE 360 would soon be landing to pick him up. In the mean, time he decided to explore Saturn.

He saw many different kind of rocks and decides to pick up the smaller ones for research. While walking around he saw a trail of metallic parts and decided to follow them. Lo and behold, the parts trail lead him to the crashed JR 269.

He was sad to see the ship but salvaged few spares and food items and then went to wait at the landing spot.

Soon he saw SPACE 360 approaching and he went to take cover behind a rock.

SPACE 360 landed safely and he was happy to meet First Officer A.

They then decide to explore the planet using Rovers. They set out in their respective cars and covered a large part of Saturn taking pictures and samples of soil and rocks for research purposes.

When they returned to their ship, an alien space craft landed near by and started shooting at them. First Officer A used the laser gun and shot back at the alien space craft.

Captain J instructs First Officer A to head back to SPACE 360 as they needed to leave the planet immediately.

They rushed back to the spacecraft and parked the rovers.

Captain J stepped out one last time to plant the Indian flag.

They set off back to Earth and had a safe landing.

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