Making our kids future ready

It will be safe to assume that most parents will, within their means, try and give the best of everything to their children, be it schooling, exposure, sports, materialistic possessions or, most importantly, principles and values.

While parents will have their own inimitable style and experiences to share and dwell on, two values which according to me stand out are as follows:

Dare to be different i.e. not straight jacketed, treading on paths unknown and breaking stereotypes. Seeing the number of new and different kind of businesses surround us it is evident that there are a number of people who create their own paths. The other value of significant importance is the ability to share. In a hyper competitive world we are all busy trying to acquire, live and build upon our dreams. Focus is on achieving, achieving and achieving more. While we are on a roller coaster ride pursuing achievements, it is of utmost importance to keep in mind the lesser haves, particularly in the third world and developing countries.

Interestingly, I am seeing quite a few communication campaigns based on these two values on television, one of the leading brands being Surf Excel. The brand has taken an angle that “dirt is good” to communicate that nothing is wrong in getting your hands dirty for a righteous and kind purpose without worrying about “daag”. Additionally, the ad shows friends helping and supporting each other.

The seeds of sharing as well as making your own path have to be sown at a very early age. It is fairly easier for kids with siblings than single children. Typically, this begins with sharing toys and goodies like chocolates and sweets with each other at home. With age the circle gets wider and can extend to old books, clothes and games, etc. Through free play, interaction and trial and error children learn to rely on themselves and their own decisions.

Parents can lead by example to inculcate confidence in children so they do not hesitate in exploring their paths in life. In a hyper-competitive world, as parents, we can only hope for the best for our kids and ensure we provide them the right platform to make a success in life. It is equally important for us to not stress on achievements alone but to encourage the children to develop into well-rounded individuals who know how to stand for themselves as well as the art of giving back to the society they live in.