March is spent under the influence of examination fever, especially for parents with children in higher classes, also for the kids themselves. Some children in primary school also have to go through the rigour of exams albeit just for grades at the end of the academic session.

After examination fever pales, the anxiety of results/grades and beginning of a new academic session rules. Post the hurrah or disappointment of the results comes the task of preparing to go back to school, ie. new class, new session and a new start.

The key here being “new”, that is uniforms, shoes, stationery and most importantly books and of course a different class with different subjects, new teachers and at times new friends in schools which have a policy of shuffling the children each academic year. Last Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM) of the academic year where results are shared is usually followed by parents with the kids in tow making a beeline for the stationery and or uniform shop. To avoid serpentine queues most schools would give a window of a week or a fortnight to stock up on the “new”.

This year a trend I noticed on social networking sites parents recycling old books and notebooks to be used as reference material. Brilliant initiative without a doubt, but is there a way out of the long queues to pick up the new stuff in school?

Yes, there are shops in markets that are authorised to sell certain school uniforms, there are always stationery shops with pre prepared book bundles for each grade as per syllabus and then there are the shoe shops brand franchisees to save the parents and children another trip to the school.
The bottom line in the school or market choice is the apparent lack of perceived convenience for parents in the whole process. Yes, this is how we have been procuring new uniform, books, shoes and stationery for the children in the beginning of each academic cycle and I guess are tuned to it.

With e-commerce booming and the rapid proliferation of smart phones it was only a matter of time before the marketers on such platforms recognised the opportunity in catering to this particular audience, which in sheer numbers is humongous.

So this year I decided to buck the routine and explore the online world. Most e.tailers have categories for schools, however, I came across an aggregator for just school in schoolkart which was a very pleasant and economical experience.

Replacement or new purchase now with the convenience of a click, thereby making going back to school only easier and more pleasant.